Who are We

Incorporated in 2009 Advanced Green Nanotechnologies Sdn. Bhd. is a globally recognised industry leader specialises in the research, development and manufacturing of foliar biostimulant – KaitoSol.

Advanced Green Nanotechnologies Sdn. Bhd. manufactures and supplies foliar biostimulants primarily for use in agriculture for all kinds of crops (paddy, maize, pulses etc.). All products produced by the company are professionally formulated to provide solutions to enhance plants defence system, to increase the uptake of nutrients by the plant, high or low pH soils, poor soil structure, water retention capacity, stress caused by weather conditions and other factors.

Following encouraging results in commercial experimental plots,Advanced Green Nanotechnologies Sdn. Bhd. is expanding its market to agricultural sectors both within Malaysia and internationally. In so doing, the company sets for itself the mission of delivering high quality organic biostimulants to help agricultural cultivators boost their returns through the promotion of higher yields with superior quality.

At Advanced Green Nanotechnologies we strongly believe in sustainable agriculture by helping cultivators produce safe and healthy food, conserve natural resources, ensuring the environment is protected, the health and welfare of the farmers and animals are protected.

Several noteworthy aspects of our operations include: the advanced methods and technologies used to create the active chitosan. These activities have brought environmentally safe benefits to users of the finished products.


We provide innovative technological solutions to all farming needs. With KaitoSol®, we enable farmers to increase the yields and quality of their produce, while maximising profit and reducing environmental impact


We want our customers to prosper and expand with us while minimising their environmental footprint by using our technologies and services.