Grasses (Cereals & Others)


KaitoSol® has been extensively tested in grasses. Some of the crops that it is being used and tested on are: winter wheat, maize, rice, soybean, alfalfa, sugar cane and feeding grass.


Benefits of KaitoSol® shown as yield increases

Range of yield increase

Specific Crop Examples


An average of 40% yield increase (all increases in excess of 1 ton per hectare). Tested in all type of soils (low to high yield). Tested in paddy fields in Cambodia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Colombia and Spain. Currently being used in over 50,000 ha of paddy fields.

The graph above shows a test carried out by a third party on rice paddy in Colombia. It exemplifies the importance of number of applications to the yield.

Sugar Cane

Tested and used in Indonesia, Cambodia and Colombia. Yield increases both in sugar cane and sugar up to 40%. Currently being used in high yield soils (up to 140 tons/Ha).


KaitoSol® has shown improvements in yield of 30% and reduction in harvesting time by 7% for forage and consumption maize.