Grasses & Cereals

By doing early life cycle applications, crops such as wheat, sugar cane, maize, rice and others have shown yield improvements up to 40%.

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Oils & Others

Extensive work has been carried out on palm oil, oilseed rape, sunflower, greenhouse crops such as tomatoes and cucumbers, ornamentals and turfs, all showing plant biostimulation

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Tomato plants have shown yield increases up to 30%. Kiwi, cherries, strawberries and others have shown yield increases and quality of the fruit.

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Biostimulation of potatoes has shown increases up to 50% in yield. Leafy vegetables display a noticeable increase in their leaf surface area.

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Latest Updates
  • Trials in North France finished, yield improvement from 44 ton/Ha to 52 ton/Ha. More even and better size tubers.

  • Spain, decrease in harvesting time (20 %) and longer stems. Results on Camellia, Hydrangea and various other ornamentals.

Welcome to KaitoSol We are a crop nutrition company providing Biostimulant products across the globe. The use of biostimulants has developed in recent years, by working closely with Farmers and Agronomists we provide innovative and effective solutions to meet the requirements of arable farmers. We are working with ‘Thinking Farmers’ and Crop Consultants to explain the benefits and advantages of KaitoSol products. We would like to talk to agronomists, farmers, scientists employed and self-employed, globally about Crop Nutrition as we believe that there are real benefits to be had from using our products.

Why KaitoSol®?

  • 100 % natural
  • Allows better plant growth
  • Stronger plants
  • Nurturing layer
  • Highly active molecule
  • Plant & shrimp Based
  • Seen yield increases up to 50%
  • Developed at The University of Cambridge